Public Speaking: How Mindset Creates Opportunities – Part 1 (Conditioned Self’s Job)

How a Public Speaking Mindset Creates Opportunities

Mindset creates opportunities because you’ll see your visions come to life when you believe in them. When I’m working with professionals to present information successfully, it comes down to a critical asset: mindset. First and foremost you need a foundation that begins in your own mind. That’s where confidence ultimately resides. It moves from your mind and manifests into your physical world as you start believing in yourself. Here are 4 ways that confidence (residing in your mind) manifests into your physical world in the form of opportunities related to public speaking.

4 Ways that Confidence Manifests

  1. You begin taking risks. As you believe in your potential for success, you are able to visualize yourself taking risks. Because you can visualize it happening, you take the steps necessary to make it happen. You join a networking group. You send emails to service organizations to speak about your topic. You begin writing copy material to advertise your service or product. You plan workshops to present your topics.
  2. Your network of people expands. Because you are becoming more visible, you are associating with more and more people. Those people become more familiar with what you offer.
  3. Your client base expands. You receive direct or indirect referrals for your service or product.
  4. You receive compliments on your product or service. Because you are confident, others see you as confident. They are attracted to confident people. Your confidence ultimately creates better results with your clients.

Mindset Tip #1: Your relationship with your Conditioned Self is Powerful

Get to know your conditioned self as it relates to your beliefs about your public speaking. Be aware that your conditioned self will sometimes try everything in the book to stop you from changing or being vulnerable even when it’s in your BEST INTEREST. Public speaking makes you vulnerable. It puts you in front of others who have the potential to disapprove of you, criticize you, disagree with you, or dislike what you have to offer. Inside each of us is a very important critic. It is also known as the conditioned self.

The Conditioned Self’s Job

It’s job is to protect you from any pain, which includes emotional pain. When you were growing up, you may have experienced criticism from others in an unhealthy form. Others may have tied worth to performance. Perhaps you were judged and criticized for making mistakes. You may not have been commended for effort, taking risks, trying new things, or trying to express yourself in new ways. You internalized this criticism and judgment as a reflection of your worth.

This judgment from others taught your conditioned self that it’s best to judge your performance as tied to your worth. On the outside, it seems obvious that this is unhealthy. However, just because you know it’s unhealthy, doesn’t mean you can readily begin to change it. By learning the truths of this lie that your conditioned self tells you, you can begin changing it. In Public Speaking: How Mindset Creates Opportunities-Part 2, you’ll discover YOUR new job in empowering your belief in yourself as it relates to your conditioned self.

Summary of a Public Speaking Mindset

Know that the relationship you have with your conditioned self can create or hinder your opportunities for public speaking and visibility. Become familiar with it’s job and the reason behind its job. Know it’s job is to protect you yet that you are capable of protecting yourself.

To your success in getting to know your conditioned self,