Public Speaking and Writing: How to Expand and Impact Your Audience: Part 1 (Stepping Into Your Powe

Are you Embracing your Power?

Expanding and impacting your audience requires mindfulness. Techniques and experience are powerful tools, yet as powerful is BELIEF IN YOURSELF. You wish you could get your message out to a bigger audience. You want to reach more individual clients. Perhaps you hope to speak to groups of people. Maybe you desire to speak to influential individuals. You want more people to engage on your blog articles. Imagine for a moment the following. You know there is one person that can help you achieve those goals. You realize that one person is you.

Lack of Tools

You may be writing your blogs and copy, and yet not reaching your audience in the way you are meant to. Not having the effective tools can lead to lack confidence. Gaining the adequate tools can better connect you with your audience. It can mean crafting your message in a way that more powerfully connects you with your reader. When your readers feel that connection, they’re more likely to want to seek you out for your services.

Our Own Worst Enemy: Fear

In many cases, we hold ourselves back from creating the very opportunities we seek. There’s a reason for this. That reason is fear. We fear that we don’t have what it takes to make that impact. How do we move beyond that fear? We prepare. How do we prepare? We step into our power. How do we step into power? We first believe. We step into power by believing in our potential. You have the potential to reach a bigger audience, to engage your current audience more readily. We then act. You have the power to act in whatever ways are necessary to prepare yourself to succeed in the face of fear and even procrastination.

Embrace, Believe, Take Action

  1. Embrace your Power and Vision. Only you can create your reality.
  2. Believe in your Potential. Move beyond your inner critics that tell you you can’t.
  3. Take Action using Tools. Implement the recommendations of experts you trust.

In the case of growing your followers, -your audience, your call to action is learning how to impact people with your spoken and written words. The first step is embracing your power to make this happen. In the remaining parts of Writing: How to Confidently Expand and Impact your Audience, you’ll discover specific language, wording, and organizational techniques to make this happen.

To you embracing your power to connect with your audience,